Day 1/30 of the Testing Challenge

Yay, here it is! The first day. According to our Holy Testing Sheet, on the first day you have to choose a book to finish by the end of the month. Preferably on testing because that’s why we’re here for, right? I mean, Harry Potter’s nice and all, but please focus. So, I went out and like any self-respecting millennial would do, I took some classy photos of the book I’m about to read in a very classy place with some other very classy stuff along with it:



For the normal people, the tiny letters on the Kindle say “Hands-on Mobile App Testing” by Daniel Knott. Written in even tinier letters below in the circle, there is “A Guide for Mobile Testers and Anyone Involved in the Mobile App Business”. Classy.

What about you, have YOU started the challenge yet? Find out more about it here.

Test on,

A. Testophiliac


The 30 day Testing Challenge

LinkedIn is a powerful tool. I was just on it yesterday, trying to join a gazillion groups on testing, when I stumbled on something interesting and saw a post made by Ministry of Testing. They have made this really awesome testing challenge where you have a “test”ful activity to complete on each day of July and learn a lot of stuff as you get out of your comfort zone and try to be nice to your coworkers from your open office for a change. And I just shrugged and scroll along.

Just kidding. Of course I had to join their Slack team. And begin this blog from scratch. And stop dancing. And.. Okay, okay, let’s say that I am REALLY interested. Did you look at the image, did you? You did? Okay… I don’t think you did, so here it is:

30 day testing challenge

So, I will be doing this challenge as it tingles my testing antennas and I’d want to see how far I can go completing everything on the list and how far you can go reading my daily posts about it. This might get to be a tough cookie for either of us *looks suspicious*

If you want to join in the fun, check out and click on the blue coloured text scattered throughout this post and don’t forget to use the hashtag #30daysoftesting. You should NEVER forget the hashtag.

Have fun,

A. Testophiliac