Day 10/30 of the Testing Challenge

We’re in the first third of the Testing Challenge and it has been a blast so far! Wonder what today’s task is? Well, I’d be happy to tell you. It says to:

Find an event to attend (online or f2f).

Luckily, I’m prepared for this challenge as I had a meetup on Thursday with Tabara de Testare, a Romanian testing community found in 4 of the biggest cities in the country. They have been around for about 4 years now, holding up monthly meetups and summer testing camps and just being awesome in general.

This week, they had two presentations, one about XLT, an automation and performance framework integrated into Selenium, and a testing game. And there was also a best part:

These are not the only ones, but I had to take a picture without looking weirder than I usually am. I had to be ninja-fast so nobody would see me.

But, seriously, the presentation of the XLT framework gave real insight of what it did and how it had worked so well for the team to automate a suite of regression tests in a very short time. A nice feature is that if one of the actions failed in the script, the browser window remained in that state and another one would continue from there. That way, things become much simpler for debugging. 

I haven’t heard of the framework before, but I like it when new tools are introduced into a project, as it shows that the team is willing to learn something new and has had time to research for the best ones for their project in particular, but also that the company is willing to let them implement these tools.

Talking about things new, the testing game was extremely witty and fun! The rules were these: you had to choose a card from a pack without looking at it. The card would have a word or more related to testing and you had to do one of these three actions (chosen before picking out the card): explaining what was on it without using any words from the same lexical field, miming (without talking, of course) or drawing, but without writing any numbers or letters. The first had 2 points, the second 3 and the last one 4, making the team with most points win. The words from the card had to be guessed by your own team, but in the last two rounds, however, anyone could guess, making it possible to gain even more points.

As expected, some cards were very easy, but some were kind of tricky, especially because of the type of action you had. Like, how would you draw “continuous integration”? I did this:

jenkins - continuous integration

Well, that was supposed to be the Jenkins logo, but for some unknown reason, I remembered him having glasses and holding his hands crossed. Don’t ask me why, though. My team couldn’t guess what I had drawn from obvious reasons, but it was still a lot of fun.

In the past, I have been to other meetings from Tabara de Testare, as well, so I knew most of the people that were there that evening, but this meetup was the most entertaining of them and everyone had a lot of fun. Next time, I’ll remember not to draw Jenkins like a combination of Colonel Sanders and Steve Jobs.

Test on,

A. Testophiliac


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