Day 11/30 of the Testing Challenge

And it’s Monday yet again with another challenge. The challenge to open the turnstiles with the magnetic card from home again… Why do I never learn?

Day 11 keeps it smooth and simple and shouldn’t pose a threat to anyone because you should:

Take a picture of your team.

Well, uhm, maybe almost anyone. The thing here is that I don’t necessarily have a team right now. I haven’t chased them away with a stick or anything, it’s just that there’s a transition of things and many people have left. I just stay here for the air conditioner and good coffee, really.

In the end, I could be taking a selfie of myself and say that this is the team that I have, but I’m not a selfie person. So, I thought of showing you another team:


These are the members from Tabara de Testare at the meetup I told you about in this article. Here the person standing in front of everyone would start miming “System under test” and just dive on the floor like a fish in the sea of testing.

They all could be considered a “team” as they all are QA engineers, some with more experience, some with less, but each and every one of them are always trying to learn from each other and make the software they are testing out as best as they can.

Test on,

A. Testophiliac


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