Day 13/30 of the Testing Challenge

Would you look at that, it’s day 13 already. Perfect day to hug a black cat and walk under a ladder.

The challenge for today is:

Find a user experience problem.

I guess that we all face user-experience issues in the apps and websites we use. There are some where you just wonder if that person even set a finger on the product or not.

It’s like when you had just been over tops and mountains, in dungeons and across great rivers fighting bears, dragons, skeletons and whatnot, and then go to a pub for a pint and good music to relax. You turn to the lovely lady with the flute to ask her to sing a tune long forgotten and you find this:

You are appalled and scared, and you scream like a little girl. What has happened to this woman? How can she sustain the sound of the instrument with her chest punctured like that?

You leave the pub in the middle of the night, worried and frightened. You grab your trusty horse and ride into the darkness, for the darkness is your ally.

Test on,

A. Testophiliac


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