Day 15/30 of the Testing Challenge

Today is day 15 and it’s a Friday. Didn’t time fly fast? I think time flew fast. Talking about perspective.

The challenge for today is:

Find a problem with an e-commerce website.

Easy-peasy. I guess the main problem with every e-commerce site is that you have to pay money for the products. It’s really, really annoying sometimes. But, apart from that, from the business perspective, any problem with any e-commerce site might mean losing the clients that you already have, losing money or, even worse, losing both at the same time in a big way.

I guess I’m going to choose Ebay, as that would be the e-commerce site that I use most (you can never have enough skull rings). And, to make things even nicer, I’m going to use the app, as well. Version, to be more exact.

So, the main problem that I had stumbled against for some time now is the messaging system. It’s not a bug, it’s a usability issue and it sometimes drives me nuts. Whenever you receive a message and you click on it to read it, you can’t get back to see the other messages unless you press the Back button from the phone itself. Now, I have an Android and let’s say that this is fine by me (although this option should have been available inside the app), but I actually wonder what iPhone users do. The only workaround for Android users (and if you’re really stubborn and you don’t want to use the Back button) is accessing another page and then returning to the Messages one.

Just in now!: I can’t see all the messages that I sent/received on my account. Apart from one, the latest. They’re not in another folder, they’re not in an archive. *checks from Ebay website* Yep, I have all of them there.

Hm, tried refreshing, tried force stopping the app and restarting, signing out and back in. Nothing works. Maybe it’s supposed to show only the messages received in the last month? But what if it’s the 1st of the month, I won’t be able to see my other messages from the previous months?

What do you think happened? And how would you test this issue further in? I would really like to hear an opinion and maybe catch some sleep tonight, so leave a message if willing!

Test on,

A. Testophiliac



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