Day 16/30 of the Testing Challenge

Day 16 is up and down and here and everywhere and the challenge is to:

Go to a non-testing event.

Initially, I would have gone to a dev event, but it’s pretty hard to find one on a Saturday. I only found two meetups, one about the Bible and the other about Buddhism, and either of these two would have been extremely weird. So, I looked after theater events, book signings, painting displays, even ad-hoc booths in parks.

I ended up in a park with some friends for the biggest event of the last period: chasing Pokemons between trees and hitting into people for continuously looking at your screen. You think “event” sounds too pompous? Well, I’ll have to tell you that there were at least 4 groups of people, all doing the same thing as us. I don’t know if they were even aware of it, it looked like a meetup without them noticing it. It transversed through time and space and beyond. Even reality!

The game is a lot of fun and I guess we all also play it for our nostalgia for the franchise. Pokemon is alive and kicking hard.

Test on,

A. Testophiliac


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