TeamSTAR Competition: Meetup, more info and other juicy stuff

So, I’m back! After days of being a fish, some other days of being a couch potato and some other dubious days I have no recollection of from pure blandness, I wanted to write this post because my conscious would have killed me otherwise. Or my co-facilitators. Or all of them!

As some of you might recall in an earlier post (or you could just check this one here for a shorter trip down memory lane), I was talking about stepping out of my comfort zone and about the Eurostar conference with its TeamSTAR contest. The idea is to build up a meetup from inception to finality and beyond as a facilitator. That’s how The Facilitesters group was born! Two other members from Tabara de Testare, Andrei and Lucian, and I started it and made the event that I will be revealing in just nanoseconds!

For those interested, do NOT make any plans on the 1st of September, time 18:30 and COME to TechHub Bucharest, situated on 39-41 Nicolae Filipescu Street! The subject of the meetup is the same as the Eurostar conference, which is “Learning to test, Testing to learn”. So, who can say that they know everything there is about testing? (*whispers* You’re lying!) That is why we have chosen an open format type of meetup. If you haven’t heard of the term, you can find more info here. The main idea is to have small discussions revolving different themes where people who are really interested about a certain subject can join in and bring more info. Or no info at all. Anyone can learn in any way he/she wants and that’s the beauty of an open format meetup.

At the end, we gather all data from each discussion and present it to everyone, like a small conclusion. We can’t promise fireworks and singing angels coming down from the sky, but we can promise a friendly environment with a lot of opportunities to find out more about this huge subject that we all love and fight with daily – testing.

So, if you’re a tester and you happen to be in Bucharest, Romania on the 1st of September, we’re both in luck! Join our meetup and let’s exchange ideas!

Test on,

A. Testophiliac


The Facilitesters - meetup pic