Day 3/30 of the Mobile Testing Challenge

Day 3 is up and I am so late because of the moving out and all. But I managed to read a bit about mobile security testing last night from Daniel’s book, so I came in prepared. Whoops, did I already said what was on for today? I guess I did. Check this out, for today you have to:

Perform a mobile security test.

Just like yesterday, this is a task I have never done before, so I’m going with baby steps on this one again.

Read about mobile security testing. Check. Have some background knowledge beforehand about OWASP. Semi-check. Not knowing where to begin with this. Check. Having a list of checks. Double check. But do you know what the funniest thing is? It just hit me: didn’t yesterday end up as security testing? The fact that WordPress was giving me saving failures while my phone announced me that there might be some man-in-the-middle doing horrible stuff to my apps as the certificate from Charlie did not seem to be installed? It sure did!

Test on,

A. Testophiliac



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