Day 6/30 of the Mobile Testing Challenge

Yes, you read that correctly, “day 6”. I wanted to do this one instead of day 5 because of some technical difficulties (it’s become impossible for me to install things on my computer, and the laptop that is at work right now is out of my reach – literally). So, I swapped them because I didn’t want to lose a day and I’ll finish day 5 tomorrow when I’ll be part of civilization once more.

So, for day 6 (which is tomorrow), we have:

If you are an Android guy, test something on iOS and vice versa.

(I think we can all see the “guy” part, but let’s pretend we haven’t) I am definitely an Android “guy”. It’s not only about finances, but also about customization. I find it really awesome that I can change the way my phone looks, the way my apps look, the way my apps are displayed, *what* apps are displayed and all that.

As I said in my post of the first day, I also have an iPhone (phew!) on which I test different stuff. And the thing that I want to test is how fast Google Maps works on the iPhone 5 with iOS 9.3.5 in comparison to the Android phone, HTC One M8 with Android 6.0.

First step: Starting the app -> iPhone started in 3s, while Android in 5s.

Second step: Moving around the map -> Android seems to have a tiny lag, BUT the iPhone shows me the location of my parents’ home, not the one I am at right now. I can also say that I have never used Google Maps with the iPhone because I didn’t need to, especially that I don’t have a SIM card dedicated for it. iPhone acts strange, Android takes an advantage!

Third step: Choosing a destination and scrolling through the ways of reaching it -> Here the phones show me different things. The iPhone says that the trip takes 29 minutes by walking, the Android says 26 minutes. By transport, the iPhone shows me that public transport directions are not available in this area (!!!) and the Android shows me 3 different buses I can take, each for 25 minutes. If I want to do this by car, the Android is telling me that it lasts 5 minutes, but the iPhone has an extreme strange behaviour. It goes from this:


To this after clicking on the “Drive” button:


Look at that small man walking, shouldn’t he be driving? Extremely strange. I tried re-entering the destination and this time it worked fine after clicking on the Drive button.

In conclusion, I can say that Google Maps started much faster on the iPhone than on the Android and also didn’t lag when moving around in the map, but the reason behind this might be because the iPhone has fewer apps than the Android does. Just a thought. Also, the location saved on the iPhone was a weird thing to see, especially that it surely propagated the issue with the Drive button. Plus, iPhone said that I can’t travel back home by bus or any other means of transportation. Whew, what a night!

Test on,

A. Testophiliac



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